Thursday, 30 June 2011

Why Mummy is Always BEST ...?????

In this frightening world,
We need a spot to feel secure
Nothing can be better than to
be wrapped in ones mother warm love.

There are so many words that describe the dove above.
She is Wonderful, Loving, Crazy, Caring, Determined and Truthful.
All in one big bundle of a thing called Love thats Mum!

She has a heart of gold.
Her warmth and hugs never get old.
Shes our best friend and a godsend

Our mum's the best because she's an inspiring independent woman with a sense of humour & lots of love

No matter what obstacles are thrown at our mum fights through them all with her strong enduring love.

Her independent conditioning of being woman, feminine grace and benevolent motherhood, raised us smart to define the children we are to day 

Her heart.. the size of any other.. can love unconditionally from anywhere in the world. That's our mum!

Because no matter how you feel, or no matter how Mum feels - she always makes us feel good!! 

No one else can do that!!

Throughout the darkest times of illness... mum has been a shining light. A courageous, generous, loving, strong woman. our  inspiration.

Our  mum is the best beaceuse she is always there for us .. she has helped through all our tough times ...she is the so kind and loving that she can make winter feel like summer. She has made our life complet .... thanks our mum xxx

Our mother is better than gold because she always knows what to do and what to say. She knows what to do when we cry... she knows what is good for us.... Our mother is better than gold because you cant buy it with money

The most important lessons in life we have learned from our Mother. ,, learned Generosity, Simplicity, and Appreciation...


  1. Urm:)
    Setiap ibu akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk anak dia..
    Cuma anak ni jek yang tak fahamm...
    BTW, wa da jawab ada part soalan Cik Kasut.. Check out my entry ok:)
    Gud luck in trying and never say NEVER:)

  2. 2 ler anak hanya akan lebih menghargai bila ibu pergi selamanya....orait tq dear....tq n tq2....insyaAllah :)

  3. bagi saya ibu kandung selalu terbaik.. sentiasa dan setiap masa adalah terbaik..
    drop by baca entry n klik2 nffng...
    kunjung2 di laman saya dan klik2..
    salam persinggahan.

  4. betoi2....ibu kandubg is the best among the best :)
    ok dear.... :)


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