Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Who Is Your Best Friends?

Among all your friends, should there be someone who is closest to you.

Someone who cares so much about you.
Someone who really enjoy your company.
Someone who will always come rushing when you are in need.
Someone who will lend you a hand even if it will trouble em. Someone who you can feel carefree around .
Someone who doesn't talk bad about you behind your back. Someone who you can rely on.
Someone who will wait for you without hesitation.
Someone who accept you for who you are.

Are you willing to do the same?
Have you ever asked yourself of why do you deserve such a good friend?
And they don't just come around everyday.
You are lucky, you know that?
Have you tell that 'someone' that he/she is your best friend.

Often we take these things for granted only to realize after we have lost it.  

Many times, we do things that might hurt , purposely or not and being your best friend, you expect them to accept it. That's a mistake. Remember, your friend is merely a human being. Sometimes they can accept what you did, but sometimes it's just very hard to swallow.  A bigger mistake is to let it be and do nothing about it.

So pick up your phone and just say hi! Oh, believe me, that would mean a lot - You'd be surprised.

Ask yourself. Are you willing to lose something so precious because of your ego, pride and shame? or because you are too lazy to make a call?
What to be ashamed of?
If that person is your best friend. You should have no worry.

Give your best friend a tight hug and say 'You're my best friend '. That would make a friend very happy.
I wish a Happy friendship day and for me it's everyday. Appreciate what you have now, or you might regret it later.


  1. very nice entry...

    p/s: nanti bagi emel cik kasut ya. kak ma nak emelkan codingnya..

  2. hihi...nasib baik kiz ada...

  3. beres nanti saya emel dekat akak k...terima kasih sangat2 :)

  4. friendship day or not, tetap kena hargai kawan kita... ('',)

  5. betoi3...kawan adalah segala2nyer

  6. hari- hari pn hari persahabatan..
    ye tak?
    btw, i like this entry..

  7. hari- hari pn hari sahabat.
    ye tak.??
    btw, i like this entry


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